A little History...

After over 30 years working in the Logistics industry for many Large Global Brands & Blue Chip companies it was time to go it alone.

Setting up JMG Solutions is the start of a new journey giving small , medium & large Logistics  businesses access to a wealth of knowledge and experience with delivering efficiency, Cost & Customer Service improvements at an affordable rate.

Logistic Consulting - Simplifying Complexity.


Support you with Logistic Management leadership through Transformation, Integration, Continuous Improvement Projects or Turnaround under performing Operations. From new start-ups to well established Operations, helping you drive efficiency, reduce Cost and improve Customer Service.

A few examples:-

  • Warehouse & Transport daily Operations

  • Procurement of Logistics Services

  • Tender & Negotiation Management

  • Compliance to Contract Reviews

  • Project Management

  • High volume FMCG Operational Planning

  • X-Docking

  • National Trunking

  • Control Centre Operations

  • Managing 3PL's (Open & Closed Book)

  • Time critical Deliveries

  • Resources Optimisation

  • Quality in Logistics

  • Supporting Future Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Carbon Reduction

If you have a complex Logistics challenge and you are not getting the expected results, contact me for an independent assessment. Check out my Logistics career history by clicking the Linked-in below.